Finding Chase Keeps Expanding His Horizons

The American singer and songwriter we all know as Finding Chase has recently dropped a boundary-pushing piece called “Butterflies.” Ever since the release, fans are tirelessly waiting for another project.

Finding Chase was only 14 when he started playing the guitar and it was then that he discovered that music was his true passion. He then made up his mind not to follow the musical route, but luckily enough, he is now back at it again. 

Finding Chase has released “Eager To Bleed” and “Butterflies,” each rich with sophisticated beat drops and unique melodies. The artist is also known for mixing and matching genres, as he refuses to limit himself to one category. On the contrary, he likes to expand his horizons.

“Butterflies” is his latest release, check it out below:

You can now connect with Finding Chase on Instagram to stay updated on his latest releases.