DreamDoll Drops A Risky ”Nude” Music Video

DreamDoll released a new music video with an interesting twist. The Bronx rapper can be seen “nude” throughout the video.


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In celebration of her new album, Life in Plastic 3, DreamDoll graced fans with a racy music video for her storytelling-like track “Misunderstood.” 

Throughout the video, the “My Body” rapper can be seen walking around New York streets in a plastic bubble, appearing to be fully nude. 

However, Dream makes sure to cover up as much as possible with pasties and skin-toned panties to comply with all YouTube guidelines.

Fans seem to like the music video from the former Bad Girls Club star, some paying more attention to her lyrics than the jaw-dropping music video.

Erykah Badu Does Not Regret Nude Music Video

Dream Doll isn’t the first artist to give fans a nude music video. 

Back in 2010, soul singer Erykah Badu said the conversation that her controversial “Window Seat” music video started was worth the risk.

Badu knew the video would get people talking.