Rita Ora Low-Key Offered To Pay Restaurant Stacks To Break COVID-19 Policies

British R&B/pop singer Rita Ora didn’t want COVID-19 spoiling her 30th birthday last November. Details are just now coming out about the party she threw at a popular London restaurant where the MTV Award winner allegedly tried to pay her way out of following coronavirus protocols.

Rita Ora’s Rule-Breaking Birthday Bash

Rita Ora celebrated the big 3-0 with a few of her celebrity friends at Casa Cruz in London. According to a (now former) restaurant manager, the singer and her team offered to pay about $7,000 (US) to let them slide on COVID policies, and security cameras were turned off during the event.

“The 30-year-old flew to Egypt for a private performance on 21 November. On her return the following day, she should have isolated for two weeks. Instead, she threw a birthday party in London, which violated lockdown rules that prevented households mixing indoors.” (BBC News)

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Party Led To A Fine For Rita Ora

Local police called the incident “one of the most egregious, and certainly the most notorious, breaches of the regulations.” Rita has apologized and paid a fine of about $13,000 (US) for not following guidelines.

 “Thank you for all the love it felt weird not doing anything for my bday so being me I dressed up and ate cake … thank you for everyone who showed me endless love on my born day I’m forever grateful you all know who you are.”

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