Denise Bidot Looks Completely Unfazed Over Lil Wayne Split Gossip

Vixen Denise Bidot isn’t losing any sleep or hiding as Lil Wayne breakup rumors continue to dominate the Internet. The popular model goes online to show she’s sticking to her work grind instead of caving into the Weezy F. Baby gossip.

Denise Bidot’s Unfazed Over Lil Wayne Rumors

Bidot has lit up her Instagram page with fresh shots of herself solo and confident. Denise proves she’s staying booked and busy these days amid marital status speculation.

“Coffee time ☕️”

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Denise Bidot’s unfazed over relationship speculation.

Lil Wayne + Denise Bidot Unfollowed Each Other

This week’s new rumors of Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot breaking up sparked when fans noticed the couple were no longer following each other on Instagram. Then, Denise posted a cryptic message on her IG Story.

“pretty disappointing when you defend someone throughout everything and they turn out being just as sh*tty as everyone said they were”

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Denise Bidot Praised After Lil Wayne Breakup Rumors

Back in November, Denise Bidot gained a lot of new fans when she reportedly broke up with Lil Wayne due to his President Donald Trump endorsement. The couple later reconnected.

Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend Deletes Instagram Pics

Denise’s Instagram page previously faded to black. The IG account which featured tons of pics of Bidot boo’d up alongside Weezy F. Baby temporarily went offline and the Internet suggested this proved their relationship crumbled.

Lil Wayne caused quite a stir when he co-signed Donald Trump for President. Folks like John Legend have ripped the rapper for hopping on the Trump Train. More importantly, it may have cost him his girl. Denise Bidot, who Weezy has been lovey-dovey with for months, is no longer following him on IG. (Hip Hop Lately)