Doja Cat Trolled With Best Friend Memes Over Past Cringe Racial Drama

The Internet isn’t done with Doja Cat. Months after she caught major backlash over leaked video of her making racially insensitive comments about Black culture, social media has poked fun at her presence in rap star Saweetie’s “Best Friend” music video.

Doja Cat Trolled With Best Friend Memes

The Internet let loose on a scene showing Doja brushing off a man’s hand from the music video. The jokes all center on people feeling like Cat has hostility when it comes to race.

“@dojacat stay reminding us what her preferences are ?”

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Doja Cat trolled with Best Friend music video memes.

In late spring 2020, buzz developed about leaked video footage emerging and showing Cat connected to racial conversations and groups. She eventually came forward to apologize and clear the air on her feelings about race.

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Saweetie + Doja Cat Dragged By Ceraadi

A few days ago, R&B duo Ceraadi went to their Instagram page to demand answers from both Saweetie and Doja Cat. They shared side by side comparisons questioning how their own “BFF” visual appears to be the same concept as the “Best Friend” anthem.

“????? @saweetie @dojacat“

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Saweetie + Doja Cat dragged by Ceraadi.

Saweetie Responds To Ceraadi’s Claims

Saw didn’t go radio silent. Instead, she hit up the duo’s social media post and appeared to throw a little shade about adding them in her visual’s credits.

“Omg we’ll totallyyyy add you in the credz! MY IDOLS”

The Internet Gets Involved

The claims inspired social media to react to the drama. Coincidentally, Saweetie appeared to receive more praise than disses from people online.

Ceraadi on Instagram tryna shift the attention that they momma mighta been in that crowd that stormed in the Capital by saying Saweetie stole they idea for a song and video that been prepared. Sit down

Ceraadi better shut the f*ck up I promise you NOBODY IS CHECKING FOR YALL’S KIDZ BOP MUSIC. Don’t ever speak on Saweetie’s name weirdos