DaBaby Curved Once Again When Fan Rebuffs His Sloppy Kiss

DaBaby clearly needs love.  The rapper was once-again caught in 4K trying to put a sloppy wet one on a female fan. This is the second time we’ve caught the “Bonnet” rapper getting the sugar smackdown.


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The “Suge” rapper can’t seem to keep his lips to himself, this time with yet another fan who refused to kiss him. After being rushed by a mob of his supporters,  DaBaby can be seen greeting them from his car, holding up the “peace” sign before he leaves. Making his move, he then leans in to kiss a fan on her forehead.  But with a quick reaction, the fan jerks her head away leaving DaBaby’s puckered lips kissing the air.  Dababy then smoothly plays off the fact that he was rejected yet again.

Just last month, the Charlotte rapper was seen getting curved by a fan he tried to kiss.  Are fans being Covid-cautious or are they just turned-off by the NC rapper’s smacks?  Either way, let’s hope he’s learned his lesson to keep his lips to himself.


I didn’t realize til my friend pointed it out 😂😳 #fypシ #dababy #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU

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No Charges For DaBaby

In related news, DaBaby, born Jonathan Kirk, is reportedly cleared of charges after shooting a trespasser on his property last month. In legal documents, the Iredell County D.A. concluded that there will be no charges against the “Suge” rapper.