DaBaby Concert Tickets Are Buy One Get One Free. Could This Be Rock Bottom For His Career?

DaBaby has been the face of controversy for several reasons in his career, and many believe he’s fallen off. To make matters worse, a recent finding reveals tickets to his upcoming concert are “buy one get one free.”


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Fans believe Charlotte rapper DaBaby’s team is taking desperate measures as tickets to his upcoming show are on sale in the form of a “buy one get one free” deal. 

On the ticket, it reads, “buy one get one” while also warning they were non-refundable after purchase.

The upcoming show at the venue Iron City in Birmingham, Alabama, on November 15, has tickets selling at $22 for general admission and $42 for standing admission, which are the tickets that are specifically non-refundable. The venue only holds 1200 guests.

In addition, the upcoming show is also during DaBaby’s “Baby on Baby 2” tour, which already began experiencing issues with low ticket sales shortly after it was announced. 

Hitting the stage has been a recent problem for DaBaby. In August, he canceled a show in New Orleans due to low ticket sales and was also seen performing in front of a disinterested crowd last September.

Many fans assume the “BOOGEYMAN” rapper’s career could be hitting rock bottom due to past controversy.  Most of the controversy surrounding DaBaby involves his comments during his 2021 performance at Rolling Loud which was labeled as homophobic. 

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