Coi Leray Shares The Secret To Her Success

Rising rap star Coi Leray is making a name for herself outside of any drama with her famous father. The “No More Parties” and “Big Purr” hitmaker has been crowned Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month.

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Coi Leray’s Talent Shines Above Her Social Media Fame

Before her two breakout singles dropped, Coi Leray gained fame on social media through platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Then she made headlines during a public family feud with her father, rap veteran Benzino. But Coi’s recent success is an example of her actual talent shining through everything else.

“A lot of people have been reaching out to me and saying they want to collab. That’s the big difference now — I’m getting known for my music and not for just content or any little Instagram video.”

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Coi Leray shares the secret to her success.

Coi Leray Responds To Body-Shaming Comments

Coi loves herself no matter what. She recently went online to defend those who were body shaming her, making it clear she didn’t care at all if anybody had anything negative to say about her loving her body.

“Couple of y’all b*tches hate how comfortable i am in my skin. So weird”

“Couple of y’all be like “I love myself” b*tch no you don’t”

“If you insecure just say that”

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Coi Responds To Benzino’s Blasts

After Benzino gave his side of their differences, Coi Leray took to Instagram Live with her thoughts. Leray dissed Benzino and his abilities as a father, but it’s nothing new. The pair have been going back and forth online with only harsh words.

Life-Changing Car Wreck

This past holiday season, Coi Leray breathed a huge sigh of relief. The hip-hop entertainer came forward to reflect on almost having her life taken away from her following a near-death car accident. Leray went to her social media pages to speak out on practically witnessing her life flash before her eyes.

“So homie ran his light tryna be quick to get on the highway,” she wrote in the accident. Stressing how serious it was and how it could’ve ended up worse for her, she added, “I could of died.” Details of the accident are not yet available, but Coi later shared a message to her friends and followers about cherishing their moments with their loved ones. “Hold ya all loved ones. Your brothers, your sisters. Call them, tell them you appreciate them,” she said in a short Instagram Live video. (Ace Showbiz)