Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa Take Kids On Field Trip To Ghana

Vic Mensa and Chance the rapper collaborated to take a group of kids to Ghana for ten days to gain the experience of a lifetime that books don’t allow you to offer. 

Chance The Rapper

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The magic school bus has nothing on this.  

A group of kids had their dreams come true. Not only did they meet their favorite rappers from their hometown, Chi-Town, but they also got to experience learning history in Ghana on a ten-day field trip-cum-vacation. 

Vic took to Instagram to post a photo with the kids in front of the black star square captioned:

“A year ago we had the idea to take a group of kids from Chicago to Ghana. There are some things about yourself that you can only understand by knowing where you come from. Our dream is to build bridges that cross the ocean of divide created by the transatlantic slave trade. Today we are one step closer to actualizing that dream.”

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Vic Mensa And Chance The Rapper Reunite In Ghana

Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper have been frequent collaborators since the two started making music in Chicago. 

Despite having a small beef around 2015, the two have reconciled and have been spotted making music with each other here and there.

The two reunited in the motherland and took some heartwarming pictures. 

Vic Mensa, who has visited Ghana several times and has familial roots, arrived in December and welcomed Chance earlier this year.