Cardi B Spills About Her Next Tummy Tuck

Cardi B took to her Instagram and got candid with fans about cosmetic surgery. Using her camera as a mirror, she also stated that she wasn’t thrilled about her body at the moment.

Cardi B

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Cardi B gave birth to her baby boy Wave last year and says that he has taken a toll on her body. 

In a recent Instagram story, the Grammy Award-winning artist is shown checking herself out while wearing a crop top and pair of denim jeans, which showed off her midsection.

Cardi revealed her consideration to go under the knife again, pulled at her stomach, and said, 

“this stomach is giving tummy tuck.” 

Then she followed up by insinuating that it was the result of her son, Wave.

“ I think Wavy did me wrong.” 

She also admitted to being heavier than she’s “used to” and that she couldn’t wait to finish up in the studio so she could get her next surgery done.

I’m Okurrrrr With Surgery

In the past, the Bodak Yellow rapper has been extremely vocal about going under the knife. 

In 2019 she reported that her feet had swelled after her body reacted to flying on a plane post plastic surgery. Despite those complications, the star seems ready to make a physical return.