Bow Wow Is Getting Major Help For His WWE Career

Rap veteran Bow Wow is getting his training going for a whole new endeavor. The hip-hop reality TV star went online to announce he’s pulling in some major muscle to train for a newfound WWE career.

Bow Wow Is Getting Major Help For His WWE Career

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Bow Wow Gets Major Assistance

WWE legend Rikishi will hit the gym and help the “Bounce With Me” rapper prepare for his wrestling debut. Rikishi spoke on the training and praised him for the potential audience BW can bring to the arena.

“I’m very excited to be able to be the guy to be able to give him this knowledge and help train him. For me, it’s good for business. If Bow Wow can come into our industry and put a**es in seats at WrestleMania, then why not? And everybody should motivate him or help him because him coming in, or anybody coming in from hip hop or the movie industry into our industry, obviously they’re green and they need to be smartened up. So there is no time for jealousy or those who just hate on the poor guy who is just trying to come in to live his dream.” (Insight)

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Feuding With Real WWE Stars

Shad Moss will have to get in shape if he plans to really pursue pro wrestling after his rap career. Bow Weezy recently said one of his dreams is to join WWE, which triggered some wrestlers on social media.

“Its gone hurt when i win a title before they do 😂😂😂 daamn… how yall let like mike come in and ruffle your feathers 😂😂 #BOWWOWWWE …. From hit records to movies to hosting to future wwe champion. #believe“

Bow Wow Is Awaiting Results

Wrestling career aside – Bow Wow might have more daddy duties to tack on. He recently spoke on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta to let it be known he was currently awaiting paternity test results. He might have another child. Already a father of a 9-year-old daughter named Shai with dancer Joie Chavis and a 6-month-old son with model Olivia Sky, he revealed a new situation in which he’s awaiting to see if he is a dad once more.

Bow Wow Put On Extra Weight For Movie Role

The rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, was just trying to flex for the ‘Gram as usual when he had a surprising moment of self-realization. When fans pointed out how much weight he’d lost, Bow Wow reacted like he hadn’t noticed how much weight he’d gained in the first place. Bow Wow posted up on Instagram with a luxurious off-road vehicle, prompting followers to comment on his slimmed-down physique. The versatile performer explained that he had gained weight for his part in the upcoming Fast & The Furious movie sequel.

“Damn was i that big? My sh*t like a boxer i can up down and up! I told folks i got bigger for fast 9”