Blac Chyna Accused Of Being Involved In A Sex Trafficking Ring + Takes Legal Action

Blac Chyna recently took legal action against TikToker Ava Louise after she accused the TV personality of being a part of a sex trafficking ring.

Blac Chyna

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According to TMZ, TV personality and rapper Blac Chyna has taken legal action against TikToker, Ava Louise, after releasing a video accusing her of being a member of a sex trafficking ring. 

Louise posted a TikTok video of her stating that the “My Word” artist is allegedly involved in a sex trafficking ring and attempted to kidnap her.


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In the video, Louise broke down the events that happened while meeting with the TV personality.

She also added that she messaged Blac Chyna on Instagram about collaborating on Onlyfans, and once Blac Chyna expressed interest, they decided to meet up.

According to the alleged victim, it was 4 AM PT standard time when Blac Chyna asked to meet up. Once the TikToker arrived at Blac Chyna’s home she said she signed a non-disclosure agreement and was asked to provide a description of herself. 

She said she was being held hostage and the “Cash Only” rapper followed her throughout the house, even into the bathroom. 

Louise added that her phone’s battery life was at only 3 percent, while she fought to stay in contact with her friends so they can save her.

According to Louise, Chyna was “blacked out drunk,” while she made a phone call to a woman named “Donna.” Chyna told the mystery woman that Louise was a transgender woman, which is false information.

Louise also stated “Donna” would arrive at Chyna’s home around 10 am the following morning. 

Thankfully a friend was able to locate Louise and take her home

However, Blac Chyna responded to the TikToker’s statements and labeled them as extreme, false, and outrageous.

A cease and desist letter was also issued, and legal consequences will follow if it is not upheld. 

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