What Is Donda Sports?

Kanye West’s businesses and investments have taken a serious beating since he’s been facing serious consequences for his recent anti-semitic comments. The latest news may have fans wondering, what is Donda Sports?

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In the wake of Kanye West’s comments that were deemed anti-semitic, the Yeezy mogul lost two clients from his sports agency, Donda Sports. Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown were named as the two clients that left Donda Sports with statements on Twitter. 

Ye’s Donda Sports, is a sports managing agency the Yeezy mogul started earlier this year to help represent athletes in branding deals. Football wide receiver Antonio Brown, the agency’s president, recently announced that he would remain in his position despite the chaotic disruption.

Coach Kanye West Signals Athletic Pivot With DONDA Doves Basketball Team And DONDA Sports Clothing Line Rollout

In a dizzying rollout of innovations and new products, Kanye West made another pivot – this time into sports and athletic wear.

In March, Kanye released his “DONDA Sports” clothing line on his site, DONDA-sports.com, which features a logo of DONDA Doves on the home page. 

The shop only features three items – a DONDA Doves hoodie is priced at $200 USD, DONDA Doves shorts for $140 USD, and DONDA Doves Socks for $60 USD. Items purchased will be shipped within eight to twelve weeks.

The DONDA Doves –  a high school basketball team from Kanye West’s DONDA Academy – is home to some of the top high school basketball prospects in the country including Jalen Hooks, a 6-foot-7 junior out of Indiana with offers from Kansas, Michigan State, and Purdue, and Jahki Howard, a 2024 basketball recruit.  

In a SLAM magazine cover,  Kanye is shown standing in the middle of a basketball team wearing a DONDA Sports hoodie. Each of the basketball team members is shown wearing the “DONDA Doves” logo on a basketball jersey and Yeezy sneakers— which are their official playing shoes.

Kanye West is in hyper mode releasing product after product under his brands, DONDA, Yeezy, and Ye to keep his mind busy from his divorce from Kim Kardashian. 

Ye had the world on halt when he joined forces with now-former partner, popular clothing retailer Gap last June. The hype of the collaboration rose exponentially more when Ye expanded the collaboration with Balenciaga.

Kanye has made it no secret that the late Apple icon, Steve Jobs, is one of his influences. Recently, Kanye pulled a Dr. Dre and pivoted into the billion-dollar electronics industry with his DONDA Stem Player – the DONDA 2 album release was sold exclusively via his stemplayer.com and made almost $2 million in sales in under 24 hours.

Kanye’s tech takeover continues with plans to soon release DONDA-branded earbuds, headphones, and headsets as well as speakers, tablets, and sound systems. West is also planning to brand DONDA on wearable devices such as smartwatches, smart glasses, and activity trackers.

Kanye has filed 10 new applications under the brand name “Ye” on October 2021. The range of products includes computers, face masks, walking sticks, curtains, a dating site, and a legal aid charity for low-income families

Additional reporting by Nicole Bartley.