50 Cent, Meek Mill + More Speechless Over Pro-Trump Mob Storming Capitol + Stopping Electoral Count For Joe Biden

New York rapper 50 Cent is speaking out on the craziness happening in Washington, DC right now. The rap heavyweight has reacted to Pro-Donald Trump protestors storming the United States Capitol and forcing a lockdown.

Hip-Hop Reacts To Pro-Trump Mobs

The G-Unit boss hit up Instagram to share a snapshot of the massive amount of security and force the nation used against Black Lives Matter supporters in Washington, DC in the past.

“🤐i don’t have to say anything else.”

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50 Cent can’t believe Pro-Trump protestors in Washington, DC.

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill also went to his social media pages to speak on the situation and compared it how to Black people would be treated if the tables were turned.

“2 americas! They would of shot us down literally if this was blacks by the way…” -Meek Mill

“Disgusting embarrassing disgraceful shameful ironic unprecedented scary unacceptable etc etc” -Tinashe

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Hip-Hop reacts to Pro-Trump mobs.

The Capitol Offices Evacuated

Pro-Donald Trump supporters stormed Washington, DC to ignite riots and tensions. To make things worse, protestors and rioters also forced themselves inside Congress’ House and Senate floors.

The House and Senate were recessed and law enforcement attempted to hold back those who forced entry into the building and made it to outside both of the legislative chambers. Neighbouring congressional office buildings were put under evacuation orders as confrontations become increasingly violent with tear gas being deployed and punches being thrown outside the complex. (The Independent)

Specifically, the Cannon House Office Building and one building of the Library of Congress have been evacuated.

The reason for the evacuations was not immediately clear. However, protests in the area have drawn crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters as Congress meets to count the Electoral College votes received by President-elect Joe Biden. Pro-Trump protesters attempted to storm barricades set up outside the U.S. Capitol complex and law enforcement were seen trying to push them back, NBC News reported. (NBC Washington)

Violence Taking Place In The Capitol

According to reports and throughout social media, instances of violence have scattered across the Internet.

Twitter and other social media channels were flooded with images of protesters skirmishing with police officers, and there were multiple reports of rioting inside the Capitol as some protesters broke windows, battered down doors, and postured in the Senate chamber. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, confirmed on Fox News that shots were fired inside the Capitol, adding: “We can disagree but we should not take it to this level. This is unacceptable … You do not do what is happening right now. People are being hurt. This is unacceptable.” (NBC News)

The National Guard Called On

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly asked for the National Guard to come save the day and help gain control of the Capitol. The request comes following mobs of people breaking into the Capitol buildings.

Requests for additional assistance from the Washington, D.C. National Guard are being considered, according to a Defense official who was not authorized to speak publicly. The DC National Guard is under control of the Army Secretary. Defense officials are monitoring the security situation at the Capitol but do not expect to receive requests for active-duty troops, the official said. Police are better able than Guard soldiers to deal with the protesters who have stormed inside the Capitol building and have gathered on the steps outside, the official said. (USA Today)