50 Cent Drags Lil Nas X Back Into Young Buck Beef

New York rap heavyweight 50 Cent will use anything for ammunition in his ongoing feud with Young Buck, which made the Lil Nas X pic that blew up on Instagram Friday night easy pickings. After Lil Nas X showed the world his spot-on Nicki Minaj Halloween costume, 50 used it to take another jab at Buck.

50 Cent Uses Lil Nas X To Troll Young Buck

50 Cent’s go-to insult for Tennessee rapper Young Buck (his former G-Unit comrade) is that Buck is into transgender women. 50 has used the openly gay rapper Lil Nas X before as a punchline for his jokes about Buck, and did it again this time, saying the two “might make a love connection.”

Lil Nas X Responds To 50 Cent

In addition to 50 using Lil Nas to troll Young Buck, he also clowned Lil Nas directly, telling Nicki Minaj to “come get him.” Lil Nas X responded to 50, telling him to mind his own business.

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50 Cent Refuses To Leave Young Buck Alone

Before the Halloween stuff, Curtis Jackson bashed Young Buck over his recent mug shot. Fifty went to his social media pages and didn’t hold back on roasting his former protégé.

“caption this LOL” -50 Cent’s Twitter

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#50Cent got no regard for #YoungBuck ?? #First #BOHH #BlackOwnedHipHop

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50 Cent refuses to leave Young Buck alone.

Let The Digital Feuding Commence

50 Cent’s attempt to poke fun at YB over a domestic incident was recently met with serious allegations from Buck.

“Somebody tell this b**** a** n**** 50cent Finish Dat Bowl of #FruitSteroids … and wrap ya Monthly Police Report Up … C.I #ConfidentialInformant Face A** … CURTIS … it’s me BUCK … don’t ever forget I Know U … and I Ain’t Got Started Yet.”