Rapper Chika “Attacked” Online By The Barbz For Allegedly Body-Shaming Nicki Minaj

Alabama rapper Chika is facing backlash from the Barbz after allegedly posting a tweet subbing Ice Spice and body-shaming Nicki Minaj. The Barbz are attacking and have allegedly found Chika’s address.

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There is no determination of when the Nicki Minaj hiatus may end. However, one certain thing is her fanbase, the “Barbz,” are still in full defense mode, protecting their Queen from whatever gossip or slander comes her way. 

“ Y’all Love A Mid Light Skinned Rapper.”

Yesterday, Alabama rapper Chika, who has posted negative tweets about the Pinkprint artist in the past has done it again in an unprovoked tweet stating:

“ y’all love a mid light skinned rapper.”

People immediately flooded her comments to see who she was referring to.

One person even assumed that she was possibly talking about Latto.

“You leave big @Latto alone damn beast”

Chika replied by confirming she wasn’t speaking about Latto.

“that’s my cousin, she be RAPPING rapping.”

In the thread, Chika posted a screenshot of an Ice Spice fan spatting racial slurs towards her.

The screenshot left many to assume the rapper had to be talking about Ice Spice, since she was currently in the spotlight. Ice Spice released her anticipated EP Like…? on January 20th, which received positive feedback, especially from the Barbz.

Ice has received support from the Barbz since first stepping onto the scene and making it known she’s a Barb herself.


#IceSpice “If it’s up then it’s stuck like Cardi, i fw her, but you know that I’m a Barbie.” ???‍? #MobRadio

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No Nicki Minaj Slander Will Be Tolerated

After assuming Chika’s tweet was about Ice, one Barb account quoted Chika’s post stating, “Stay Chunky Loser.” Chika replied, “for sure dude!” with a photo. The Barb then body-shamed the “Industry Games” rapper by replying, “Signed with love, The Society Against Obesity Foundation.”

Though it was a Nicki Minaj fan account, Chika uploaded a body-shaming photo of Nicki Minaj appearing to be larger as a clap back.

Shortly after, Chika was attacked on a live forum by the Barbz on Twitter. One barb even posted a video claiming to be outside the rapper’s home.

The Barbz Help Nicki Minaj In Defamation Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj can always depend on the Barbz to be there in her time of need. Nicki is taking an individual to court after they alleged that she uses drugs. 

According to Nicki’s tweets, her fans sent “folders & folders” of evidence to her lawyer to assist her.