Watch The Weeknd’s video for “Popular” featuring Madonna and Playboi Carti

It’s already been more than eight months since the premiere of The Idol, The Weeknd‘s widely (and overly!) loathed HBO series, co-created with Euphoria‘s Sam Levinson. Bad reviews and middling ratings led to the show’s cancellation, and like most trending topics, the show has faded from our collective cultural memory.

Mostly, that is: “Popular,” a song by The Weeknd featuring Playboi Carti and Madonna from The Idol‘s soundtrack, has become a sleeper hit, amassing over a billion streams since its release in June. Today, the music video is out. Directed by Cliqua, the video shows each of the three artists separately in fancy settings: The Weeknd in a mansion, Madonna in a penthouse, and Carti in some massive flared pants. Watch above.