A.G. Cook announces new album, shares “Britpop” with Charli XCX

A.G. Cook


Photo by Henry Redcliffe

A. G. Cook, the producer and founder of P.C. Music, has confirmed details of his next solo album. Britpop will be released on May 10 via Cook’s New Alias label. The album title track is available today and features vocals from Charli XCX. The song received its premiere on Thursday night at XCX’s Boiler Room event in New York.

Britpop will be presented in three parts, with each section of the 24-song album representing the past, present, and future, respectively. Intriguingly, press materials note that the “Present” segment is the sound of Cook channeling the ’90s genre he named the album after. We await Liam Gallagher‘s verdict with baited breath.

Per those same press materials, Britpop was written during the lockdown period of the Covid pandemic when Cook found himself as the only British person living in a small town in Montana. It was written while he finished work on his previous solo albums, Apple and 7G both of which were released in 2020.

Last year marked a decade of P.C. Music with the label announcing news that it would no longer release new music (hence the New Alias label for “Britpop”) and would, instead, switch to reissuing archival material. The final album to be released on the label was Soft Rock by Cook and Easyfun’s Thy Slaughter.