Freddie Gibbs Feat. Rick Ross “Scottie Beam” Video

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist continue the “Alfredo” movie with Rick Ross in the “Scottie Beam” music video.
Freddie Gibbs’ rap catalog is unlike no other. But with the recent releases of Bandana with Madlib and Alfredo with Alchemist, the rapper’s made a concerted effort to manifest his creative vision in its entirety. Videos for Bandana following a storyline that stems from Pinata. Gibbs is taking a similar route with the visual rollout for Alfredo, starting with the Rick Ross-assisted, “Scottie Beam.” It’s a cinematic effort that begins with Freddie Gibbs and his girl getting pulled over by the police in an incident that aligns with Queen & Slim, as well as the bar referencing the film. While Freddie and his girl attempt to evade the police after “smoking an officer,” Rick Ross gets the rapper and his lady friend all set up to move to Jamaica where they’re living their best life.
Gangsta Gibbs is proving to be much more than a proficient and prolific MC. Somone cast him in a movie already.