Yung Miami Shares Footage Of Her Mom’s Jail Release

Florida rapper Yung Miami is big happy right now. The hip-hop star has welcomed home her mom Keenya following a stint behind bars and the rap game is celebrating with the City Girl.

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Yung Miami Shares Footage Of Mom’s Release

YM went to her Instagram page to share the eye-watering moment. The footage features Miami’s mom officially leaving jail and smiling heading her way.

“Welcome back ????”

The emotional moments sparked a flurry of co-signs in the comments section. Migos’ Quavo and Trina celebrated the big moment.

“That’s hard mama free ?” -Quavo

“Omgeeeeee Welcome home Kenya ??????????” -Trina

“KENYAAAAA!!!!!❤️❤️❤️” -JT

“Welcome home ? ❤️” -La La Anthony

“❤️❤️❤️” -Cuban Link

Yung Miami Announces Her Mom’s Jail Release

Prior to the emotional moment, Miami went to her Twitter page to get fans excited. She also provided context about how her life changed after Keenya’s departure.

“My mom get out tomorrow – I’m so anxious! … My Mom left me with 2 kids plus Jai I was 22 going on 23 I didn’t know what to do I had to figure it out. Look at me now God is so good”

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While details are scarce, reports claim Keenya’s legal woes date back to the late 2000’s.

It was really difficult when her partner JT was sentenced to prison, and the two had to put their career goals on hold, but this wasn’t the worst of it. Her mother, Keenya Young, was convicted of a crime in 2009. The charges were serious as Young was shoplifting and then drove away in a car that ended up crashing into another car, causing the 40 year old in the other vehicle’s death. (TV Over Mind)

Respect On Her Own Name

Recently, Miami went to her Twitter page to put big respect on her own name. YM acknowledged how much she’s blown up as an artist since entering the rap game.

“For me to only be rapping for 3 yrs with no experience I feel like I do good af idgaf who think differently”

“I use to be so shy and nervous I couldn’t record in front of nobody and I never wanted nobody to hear but now I’m more confident ion care who in the room I be like turn it up!!! Tf”

“We all gotta start from somewhere just give me room to grow”

Shook Ones

Recently, City Girls’ JT acknowledged the delay in putting out new music. She also explained why her and Miami didn’t rush out audio fire.

“I miss us dropping music it seems like we have cause of remixes but we haven’t had a single since June last year, wow!!! I just be scared”