Yung Miami Says She Wants To Be The “Black” Oprah

Yung Miami stated in a new interview that she aspires to be the Black Oprah Winfrey, which seemed confusing until people recognized the City Girl might be on to something.

Yung Miami

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Yung Miami spoke on a wide range of topics during a new interview with XXL, including her recent podcast, Caresha Please.

During the conversation, she said she wants to become the “Black Oprah,” which may confuse fans considering that the well-known former talk show host is Black.

Oprah Winfrey has had a complicated relationship with the Black community because of her unwillingness to embrace hip-hop. She downplayed the culture for years, beefed with several artists in the genre, and did not want to interview rappers on her show.

Another reason Oprah Winfrey may have lost her Black card could be because of an old clip of her show where a white woman in the audience there are white and black “Niggers” and both races should be allowed to use the word.

The talk show mogul and philanthropist has faced backlash from the Black community with many people feeling she has not used her influence and resources to stop poverty and crime within her hometown of Chicago.

Furthermore, she interviewed the sexual assault accusers of Russell Simmons but did not do the same for Harvey Weinstein and other white men. This is coupled with rappers such as  50 Cent speaking out to say that Oprah only tears down Black men.

Oprah Winfrey Responds To 50 Cent’s “Meme” Of Her

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In 2020, Winfrey went to her Instagram page to thank fans for their words of encouragement. She also shared a pic of herself recovering.