Pusha T Continues To Diss McDonald’s

The beef between Pusha T and Mickey Dees continues. The artist behind “It’s Almost Dry” and “Daytona” has recently released another track aimed at the fast food franchise months after initially dissing them back in March. 

Pusha T

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In his new track, “Rib Roast,” McDonald’s McRib is King Push’s latest victim, and he does not hold back. 

Taking pot shots at the signature sandwich, he went:

“McDonald’s, what you selling, mystery meat? Hop up and go away, what does hitstory teach?” 

The Western-themed ad features a man in sad clown makeup that resembles the mascot, Ronald McDonald, while a stoic black cowboy plays a personification of Arby’s

Pusha T Is No Longer ‘Loving’ McDonalds, Pens New Diss Track For Arby’s

Rapper Pusha T, the creator of the McDonald’s jingle, I’m Loving It, has switched sides! He spit a quick 16 against the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich, and wants us to eat Arby’s fish sandwiches instead of “the clown meat”.

Pusha T Ain’t Loving It

If you didn’t know, Pusha T made the original McDonald’s jingle “I’m Loving It”. He was paid a one-time fee of $500k for his work. According to him, he is a 50% owner of the Arby’s jingle.

Spicy Fish Diss Track

Pusha starts the song off with “I’m the reason the whole world loves it, now I gotta crush it,” referring to the McDonald’s commercial that he penned. In the song, he also makes reference to the McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, and to the Filet O’Fish sandwich “drowned in tartar sauce” to have any flavor.

Additional reporting by Michael Omoruan