Yung Miami + JT’s Twerking Takeover Starts Friday

The City Girls are back-back. Yung Miami and JT have officially announced the rollout for their new “Twerkulator” single after mounted anticipation for music.

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Yung Miami + JT’s Twerking Takeover

Barring any setbacks, fans can geek out for the duo’s newest music to land on streaming platforms everywhere Friday. Yung Miami hit up her Instagram page to share the anthem’s jaw-dropping artwork.

“It’s time for the twerkulator!! FRIDAY We twerkulating ??‍♀️??”

Yung Miami Badly Wants To Be Nicki’s Pal

The announcement comes just days after Miami hit up Twitter with a cringe request. YM asked rap star Nicki Minaj to unblock her from social media powerhouse Instagram publicly and didn’t even take a direct message approach.

“Can you unblock me on Instagram @NICKIMINAJ ? … I’m not obsessed, desperate, none of that fr I just asked her to unblock me I ain’t do sh*t! Tf ….. What delusional mean? Only thing I’m delusional bout is a n*gga respectfully … Only thing I’m delusional, crazy, or obsessed about is the n*gga I’m f*cking that’s it. D*ck & my money Smiling face with”

Yung Miami badly wants to be Nicki Minaj’s friend.

City Girls’ JT Takes Big Shots In Old Tweets

This past weekend, cringe tweets reemerged to the masses of Miami’s rap pal JT. They point out why there could be some low-key tension between Nicki Minaj and the City Girls.

“I just don’t like Nicki she feel she really run sh*t h** please I want cardi to take completely over push that b*tch to the back. Nicki overly happy on IG Beyoncé not saying nothing, chill out girl. the song good tho but calm down!”

Low-Key Shook To Drop New Music

Back in March 2021, JT admitted feeling the pressure to deliver with new music. JT took to Twitter with her thoughts, letting it be known she wanted to release some new audio fire despite having put out some remixes.

“I miss us dropping music it seems like we have cause of remixes but we haven’t had a single since June last year, wow!!! I just be scared”