Meet the Future of Entertainment, Tony Hearst

Solo Group Entertainment


Tony Hearst, popularly known by his nickname as Solo, is a successful business mogul who has survived a kidnapping, a shooting and has served prison time to achieve his current entrepreneurial successes. Those occurrences and injustices in his early life motivated him to build his numerous businesses. It also gave him the necessary skills and experience to nurture young and struggling artists as well as being involved in talent management.

The dedicated entrepreneur is financially invested in a diversified variety of industries. His broad portfolio contains investments in various sectors such as music, fashion, real estate, film, trucking business, and many more. Currently, he owns and runs a music empire, Solo Group Entertainment.

Tony is working hard to make sure Solo Group Entertainment is a new approach to music and business. His empire aims at finding artists who are dedicated to creating authentic music. His vision is to change and transform the lives of the youths in his community through music for the betterment of future generations. You can connect to Tony here.