NBA Youngboy Accused Of Kicking 1-Year-Old Son Out Of Home

One of the NBA Youngboy’s baby mothers, Arcola, is calling out the rapper for allegedly kicking their one-year-old son out of his home during a parental visit in Utah.  Allegedly, YoungBoy was upset at something that Arcola had posted about him on social media.

NBA YoungBoy

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NBA Youngboy’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Child Endangerment

YoungBoy was apparently upset that Arcola had posted comments about him begging to see his son on social media. Youngboy reportedly ordered the toddler out of his house and had the mother fly out and take him back to San Francisco.

The child in question is Kaell Gaulden, the 1-year-old son of Kentrell “NBA Youngboy” Gaulden and Arcola – last name unknown – one of NBA Youngboy’s seven baby mothers. 

The drama started over the weekend with Arcola sharing alleged text messages between her and YoungBoy where she called him a “weak ass b*tch.”  She then shared multiple messages where YoungBoy was begging to see his son. 

“Whole time, he’s always been bitter, fake ass father of the year,” said Arcola. “You pressed me to bring him out there just to kick him out because your mad at me? 

Arcola stated that the only reason she allowed the visit was to give her son a chance to “know his dad” and she didn’t want to be looked at as “bitter”. 

Despite not having his own social media account, NBA responded on the official Never Broke Again Instagram page, saying that he didn’t want to have a baby with her. Youngboy also accused her of playing “baby games” and coming for “some sh*t I earned risked my life for”. 

Arcola then went on to call YoungBoy a “manipulator,”  claiming the rapper has “mental issues” and should seek help.

Yaya Can’t Get Over NBA

Meanwhile, another one of NBA’s baby mamas, Yaya Mayweather, can’t seem to be able to get over the rapper.

Yaya let everybody know she is STILL riding for NBA Youngboy. The socialite and daughter of boxer Floyd Mayweather reposted a quote that said “I’ll never love nobody like I love Kentrell”, a reference to Youngboy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden.

Youngboy’s New Music

NBA Youngboy continues to drop new music , dropping a new album in the last week.

NBA Youngboy started the year with a headstart in the music industry. Youngboy has already dropped a host of singles from his album, Colors.  On the project, he embraced all sides of his his image, including wearing makeup in his videos. This is NBA YoungBoy’s first project since last year’s From The Bayou collaborative album with Birdman.