Waka Flocka Stands By Teen Daughter After Sexuality Reveal

Hip-hop veteran Waka Flocka is supporting his family no matter what. In light of his daughter coming out as gay, he and his wife Tammy Rivera have been nothing but supportive.

Waka Flocka Is The Most Supportive Of His Daughter's Sexuality

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Waka Flocka Is The Most Supportive Dad

On a new episode of  “The Mix” on Fox Soul featuring the “Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka” celeb couple, he opened up about Charlie, who is 15 years old and her girlfriend. Waka was asked what he thought when he heard the news, offering only love to her and promising he had her back.

Waka was also asked about his original reaction to finding out and then joked around about what his response would have looked like if he wasn’t supporting Charlie’s sexuality.

“I don’t think. I don’t have expectations. The stuff you expecting is never gon’ be a hundred percent. I don’t believe in a hundred percent. I believe in experience. So, I can’t say I don’t like something or love something if I never experienced it. I approach it like a strong-minded male and it’ll run her away. I followed my wife’s footsteps like, baby just chill, just listen to her.”

Waka Flocka Reacts To Daughter Coming Out

Waka’s original response to Charlie coming out was caught on camera, something he was also asked about in the interview. Charlie was getting ready to celebrate her Quincenera, when she proposed bringing her girlfriend as a date. Waka responded with a simple “okay”.

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Waka Flocka Confesses He Has Money Problems

The Atlanta native is telling all. On a recent “Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka” episode, he spoke about the financial woes he endured in 2020. Waka Flocka spoke about how he hasn’t made any money during the pandemic. Flame didn’t speak about much dough he has left, which is presumably a great amount, but he did dive into what it’s been like without a steady income.

“I’m broke. If you don’t make money, man, technically you don’t got money. I lost millions. I go back to zero every year, mom, and this year is not looking very good – it’s no music, it’s no shows, it’s nothing. … I’m not going to do what I have been doing with music. … Tammy’s music? She told me, ‘I don’t want to be that kind of artist that’s gotta do shows all the time.’ She said, ‘I just want to make music.’ She needs to figure that part out.”

WF Calls Out Those ‘Marketing Themselves’

The rap star isn’t looking for clout. The platinum-selling artist recently spoke on charitable giving and why he doesn’t feel the need to put his good deeds on display for the public.

Waka Flocka went to social media with something to get off his chest. The rap and reality TV star said it’s “corny as f*ck” when people record themselves doing good deeds such as feeding the homeless.

“When I do good deeds, I don’t never record or take pictures because, why would I catch a person at they lowest point in life? Plus, I don’t need a visual of what I did right. I got to experience that sh*t and that feeling. That’s something you can’t take from me, that you can’t take from them. That’s a real human trait. To see anybody marketing themselves ‘feeding the homeless’ or feeding somebody that need help, that’s corny as f*ck.”