Tu Forty’s The Return Is Officially Out Now

Tu Forty is back with a full-length LP titledThe Return, a treat for all those who enjoy the unique, authentic style of this talented artist. Full of inspiration and encouragement, the album flows like a single composition and yet it also has stand-out tracks like “Ophiuchus”, “Code”, “Levitate”, and others.

I’ve been wanting to release this project for a while now so it’s really exciting and a very huge feeling of accomplishment I have now that I have the ability to share my project with you guys & the masses,” Tu Forty said in an interview. He continued: “I was just so driven by the message I gave and the music altogether it is: here to help you guys to better understand too keep an open mind for what out there, we are not alone, that the annunaki exists and to have an inner confidence and love knowing that we are All beautiful as a creation and that we will be truly free and awoken soon as we enter the golden age!”

Check out the album below!