T.I. Rallies Support To Take Down Men After Attacking Black Harlem Woman

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is pushing to protect Black women and children. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to show the turnout of New York residents coming together to rally against a group of men responsible for attacking a Harlem woman.

T.I. Rallies For Harlem Woman

Tip went to his Instagram page to show footage of people together in front of the scene of the crime. Tip specifically saluted Harlem and stressed the importance of protecting both groups of individuals.

“Harlem…Salute✊? #ProtectOurWomenAndChildren”

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T.I. rallies for Harlem Black woman attacked in New York.
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Mysonne Shows His Own Support

New York rapper Mysonne has also come forward to speak out and show his own support. He specifically called out the men responsible for hurting women.

“CowardCulture smh.. I just dont understand how Men , Males justify jumping and beating on women. This shit really f#*ks with my spirit. These coward live in harlem and they probably got friends who applauded this, wont hold them accountable, gonna still fuck with them and Scream ” Free the Bros” when they dumb asses get locked up! What happened to Manhood?? who’s raising these kind of dudes..Who’s holding them to a standard, a Code of Conduct?? What happened to ” No Women, No Children”?? We need Something Different because this shit aint working.. Thats one of our Queens and yall Beat her like an Animal?? We have to do better!! #MillionKingsMarch coming soon Return to our Throwns!!”

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Details Of The Attack

A few days ago, details surfaced about the Harlem woman’s attack. In addition to being robbed, the unnamed woman experienced vicious injuries.

A New York woman said she felt like she was being attacked by animals after a group of men accosted her in Harlem, biting her face and breaking the skin, according to NBC New York. The woman, 31, who has not been publicly identified, was also beaten, spit on and robbed during the attack, which happened near a liquor store in the Manhattan neighborhood, NBC New York reported. (NBC News)

Megan Thee Stallion’s Protect Black Women Movement

Recently, Houston rap star Megan Thee Stallion went online to unload her issues with people claiming they’re for protecting Black women. Her comments emerged after social media reacted to rumors about her case against ex-friend Tory Lanez allegedly shooting her being dropped went viral.

“AT THIS POINT IM GETTING ANNOYED ! STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE MF INTERNET. Imagine how I feel waking every day seeing people LIE and turn my trauma into a joke ? That whole team figures out ways to create doubt with my story every week and the media eats it up … Y’all can’t tell when sh*t fake news? Y’all still don’t see an ABUSER picking with me ? The first court date got pushed back bc of the inauguration but I can’t wait until the MF FACTS come out ! B*tch you shot me AND MY STORY NOT CHANGING AND B*TCH YOU GOING TO JAIL … How tf I get shot now I’m the worlds biggest mf villain !? All y’all p*ssy a** n*ggas and pick me ass hoes GONE EAT YO MF WORDS … are you living under a rock ?! You think I brought this up today ?! AND IF I WANNA KEEP TALKING ABT ME GETTING SHOT I CAN TF ? … Y’all so believe black women and protect black women online BUT WHEN I LITERALLY SAY I GOT SHOT ITS CONFUSING … Trauma is real I’m still traumatized from loosing my mom dad and one of my grandmothers and on top of that being shot. I’m not open abt anything on the internet usually bc I like to keep my emotions private but I’m reaching my limit, Im going to keep staying positive.”