Truly Young: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Dre’s Daughter

Legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre‘s family has been the subject of some scandalous, tabloid-worthy headlines in 2020.

The Doctor — who you know from N.W.A., or from his classic album The Chronic, or from Beats By Dre headphones, or from at least one of your favorite songs over the last 30 years that he produced — is going through a nasty divorce with Nicole Young, his wife of 24 years. From one week to the next it seems, there is talk of side chicks and secret kids, with millions of dollars at stake.

The intense focus the family has brought newfound attention to Dr. Dre’s daughter, 19-year-old Truly Young.

Truly Young has been building up a fan base of her own. She has over 130,000 Instagram followers. Truly is a college student and aspiring musician. But if she wants it, there’s a career path as a social media influencer, socialite and model available to her that plenty daughters of celebrities have followed. (Lil Wayne‘s daughter Reginae Carter, Eminen‘s daughter Hailie Jade Scott, Fabolous‘ stepdaughter Taina Williams, etc.).

As her profile continues to grow, here are some facts about Dr. Dre’s increasingly famous daughter.

1. Truly Young Is The Youngest Of Dr. Dre’s Six Kids

Truly was born Aug. 8, 2001, in Dr. Dre’s beloved California. (In case you didn’t know, that was not the same year that Dre dropped the classic 2001 album; that album was released in 1999.) Truly is the youngest of Dre’s six children and the second of two kids Dre had with Nicole Young. Her siblings are, in order: Curtis, La Tanya, Andre (deceased), Marcel and Truice.

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Happy Birthday, Dad!!

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2. Truly Young Is A Student At USC

During the college admissions scandal of 2019 that involved some celebrity parents, Dr. Dre bragged on social media that his daughter Truly was accepted to the University of Southern California “all on her own. No jail time!!!” But then some reports came out that Dre had donated millions of dollars to USC — however, that happened years before Truly would’ve applied to college. Dre was never implicated in the admissions scandal, and Truly is still a USC student.

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don’t fear the reaper

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3. Truly Went Right At Rap’s Biggest Bully

There are grown-up people in the rap industry who are afraid to get on 50 Cent‘s bad side. Even if it’s nothing serious, they don’t want 50 to focus his relentless style of social media shaming and bullying in their direction. Truly Young has no problem poking the bear. When 50 Cent posted on Instagram about Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce and low-key referred to Truly’s mother as “crazy” and a “b****,” Truly clapped back in the comments, “Haha … Coming from an ugly, washed up, early 2000s rapper who filed for bankruptcy and is only envious of my family’s wealth and lifestyle. Have fun spending the rest of your savings on steroids. F*** you.”

Later on her own Instagram Story, Truly continued, “The blatant misogyny and disrespect by ignorant men that is being shown is absolutely f****** disgusting and vile. Calling my mother, my dad’s wife, a b**** is unforgivable. You have no respect for me or my siblings and this is extremely evident. 50, your marketing schemes are as low life and disgusting as you are. … You disgust me, and I can speak for women of my generation as well. You are furthering the problems. Everyone already knows that you’re a dick, but you just proved it yourself.”

50 Cent gave a short “LOL” response but he didn’t push it beyond that.

4. Truly Young Is An Artist

While she’s dabbled in music, it looks like Truly’s favorite medium is visual art — painting, in particular. Her Instagram page is full of her work. (Along with pics of Truly and her cat.)

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my first time painting on a wall… Jennifer’s Body at @thecampusla ?

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5. Truly Young Has A Boyfriend

Truly has posted a few IG pics of herself with her boyfriend, Aidan Korte, who some fans have called an Eminem lookalike. We don’t know much about Aidan other than he’s from Texas, and that he and Truly are serious.

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happy birthday to my other half!!!!! I love you so much baby??

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