Trendy and Edgy: Tae UMG Drops “On My Own” Ft Tyblee

Does it ever happen to you that you hear something from an artist you have never heard about before, and you can tell their name is going to make headlines soon enough? Well, give a shot to rapper-songwriter Tae UMG and his new drop “On My Own,” featuring one of the most skilled creators of the game Tyblee. Both artists devoted themselves fully and selflessly to their art and crafted it meticulously to make the release perfect in every aspect. That was the case with “On My Own.” 

The track overflows with the energy Tae UMG and Tyblee put in it. The artists do not race for being better than the other, they collaborated for the same vision, and the result is mesmerizing. The same united, fun energy is also present in the song’s trendy, edgy music video. The visuals add heat to the already fiery track inviting you to join the soulful release filled with a blissful madness of raw talent.