The Weeknd Will Replace Kanye at Coachella. Here Are 3 Reasons Why Kanye Might’ve Dropped Out

Fresh off announcing a US stadium tour with Doja Cat for his last two albums, After Hours and Dawn FM, The Weeknd and frequent collaborator Swedish House Mafia are now set to replace Kanye West’s controversial dropout from the Coachella Festival, which starts next week.

The Weeknd

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The first 4 months of 2022 have been an absolute whirlwind for Kanye West. From spats with Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah, DL Hughley and Billie Eillish, to a listening party/concert in Miami, to dropping an album on an exclusive piece of his own technology, his un-invitation to perform at the Grammys and his consistent drama with his kids, the most shocking of all might be his dropout from Coachella, which starts next week. Here’s our top 3 reasons why  Ye has gone from College Dropout… to Coachella Dropout.

Kanye’s Vision Is Too Big For Coachella

Constantly innovating and breaking new ground, Kanye’s vision for his Coachella performance was likely too broad to fit Coachella’s vibe and potential budget. In a tweet that surfaced after his apparent dropout, Sean Leon, a Canadian singer who featured on the Donda 2 song Sci-Fi, spoke about Kanye being limited by Coachella and wanting to build his own festival.  Leon said “Vision too big for Coachella or any other festivals/award shows. OG building his own thing.” 

This wouldn’t be the first time Kanye would be pulled or pulled himself from a festival due to production limits. Ye was slated to be at Rolling Loud Miami last summer, but ultimately dropped out due to a creative restriction issue.

Kanye’s Got Beef with Billie Eilish

No stranger to controversy, or beef, Kanye had a spat early in the year with Coachella headliner Billie Eillish over a comment she made at one of her shows. Billie was quoted in the midst of stopping her show to help a fan in need saying “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.”

Though Billie never mentioned Travis by name, many people, including Ye, perceived this to be Billie taking shots at Travis Scott, in the midst of the Astroworld tragedy. Ye then demanded that Billie apologize to Travis for her comments and threatened to boycott if said apology wasn’t received.  Ye also revealed he planned to bring Travis with him to perform at Coachella as a bonus. Billie denied that she was taking shots at Travis and Kanye nor Travis received that apology.

News was circulated (but never confirmed) last week that Kanye was getting mental help after all the Pete DavidsonKim Kardashian drama.  So maybe the cancellation comes at a time when Kanye simply needs a break.  Mentioned earlier, it has truly been a busy 4 months for an obviously overwhelmed Ye, and in preparation or conjunction to becoming his best self, two weekends at Coachella just didn’t fit into the plans or wouldn’t help him achieve that goal.