50 Cent Brokers Reunion Between Mo’Nique And Lee Daniels After 13-Year Feud

Lee Daniels finally apologized to Mo’Nique for his role in making her a Hollywood pariah. The peace was brokered by 50 Cent 13 years after the two former best friends stopped talking. 

50 Cent & MoNique

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Lee Daniels And Mo’Nique On Good Terms

Mo’Nique has ended a 13-year feud with director Lee Daniels rooted in her refusal to promote 2009 movie “Precious”. Mo’Nique won an Oscar for the role but was shunned throughout Hollywood after Lee Daniels questioned her work ethic and behavior. 

Mo’Nique reconciled with Lee Daniels on April Fools Day and it was no joke.

Daniels joined Mo’Nique on stage during her comedy show held at the St. George Theater in Staten Island, New York.

In a video posted to Twitter, Daniels is seen apologizing to Mo’Nique. 

“I am so sorry for hurting you in any way that I did, She was my best friend.” 

“My best friend. Y’all think that ‘Precious’ was just … that was God working through both of us. And we gonna f—ing do it again. I love you. I love you. I love you.”  he continued, addressing the crowd. 

“I love you,” Mo’Nique responded.

The Feud Between Mo’Nique And Daniels

Over the years, Mo’Nique was very vocal about the feud between her and Daniels, which later caused her acting career to be blackballed. Back in 2015, Mo’Nique revealed in an interview  that she was set to play the role of Cookie on Daniels’ hit TV-show “Empire”. As time went on Mo’Nique made sure to expose Daniels and his colleagues, including Oprah Winfrey. She accused them of jeopardizing her acting career by claiming Mo’Nique was “too difficult to work with.” As time went on Mo’Nique had to fight to save her career in acting. In one instance the actress asked fans to boycott Netflix for unfair deals that the company offered to the Oscar award-winning comedian. 

Daniels also ended a feud with music mogul Dame Dash, after Dame was seeking repayment of $5 million he had fronted Daniels on a movie.

50 Cent Vows To Put Mo’Nique Back On

In March, 50 Cent took to his Instagram to announce his commitment to helping Mo’Nique‘s comeback into the industry.

He said: 

I Gotta get @therealmoworldwide back in pocket, we only suppose to cancel shit that ain’t good for the culture. we need you to WIN again now MONIQUE.

Mo’Nique finally received her apology and can now get back to securing her bag in acting. She is reportedly set to replace Octavia Spencer in Lee Daniels’ upcoming Netflix film “Demon House”. Spencer backed out of the star-studded film because of a scheduling conflict with her Apple TV+ television show, “Truth Be Told”. The Oscar winner will be taking over the role of a social worker who helps a family through a series of exorcisms.

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