The Master Of Harmonies Amirah Is Back With A New Single “Tell Me”

The meticulous, layered production and the ear for a complimentary, unassuming melody are both perfectly presented on multi-talented singer and songwriter Amirah’s latest project “Tell Me.”
“Tell Me” is a much more focused and structured affair that finds Amirah producing an innovative song described as fitting the Global Cinematic Pop genre.
She has chosen an interesting approach in bringing in Indian elements with a unique sound, blending traditional elements such as tanpura, gamelan, and tabla with modern pop production, and making them the focus of her songs. Consequently, she shows she can incorporate all of her signature elements into a traditional Global Hybrid Pop song structure without having to compromise the core elements that give her the status of such an innovative and intriguing artist.

“Tell Me” is a sophisticated, fully realized body of work that shows off not only the endless potential of the great artist but her concern about the future of humanity.

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