5’2 Shows Her Best On New EP Pages Of Me: Chapter One

The female demographic has been taking the hip-hop world by storm, and that is inspiring to the very bones. The American artist known in the industry as  5’2 has recently released her new EP, home to seven songs titled Pages Of Me: Chapter One. The title of the release already implies intimacy and honesty, and the rapper does not disappoint us. 

All of the songs included in the EP have an overly emotional and personal aspect hidden in delicate nuances and details, giving more charm and intrigue to the tracks. You can sense the darkness inside every song, and the artist doesn’t hide that she was living through dark days when creating the songs. That aspect unites the tracks and makes a complete body of work.

 Six of the songs are the ones that initially had to be in the EP, and one song is a bonus. The tracks are called “Double Take” (Freestyle), “Okay Yaow,” “Don’t Feel the Same,” “Recognize You,” “Heavy,” “Ride or Slide,” “Ego.” All of them help 5’2 demonstrate her maturity as an artist, which she does perfectly.