The-Dream Speaks Up After Rick Ross/Harvey Weinstein Comparisons + VH1 ‘Signed’ Drama: “I Should’ve Snitched Right”

R&B crooner The-Dream is speaking out. The award-winning singer went online to defend his name after he was part of an old clip of Rick Ross judging contestants on VH1’s Signed went viral for all the wrong reasons.

The-Dream Speaks Out On Signed Drama

Dream, who was a judge on the show while RR was just a guest judge, went to social media to clear up the air. He let it be known the accusations against him were hurtful. While he wasn’t accused of colorism like Rick Ross was, some said The-Dream was complicit, which he’s spoken out against.

“Recap: I’m completely surprised by even the smallest amount of people that would ever test my Blackness and my love for my people and my culture in everyshade esp. the darkest of u. I’m not overly surprised. But as much as I’ve done to move women forward through songs and always … Being the one that make sure shit looks a certain way. I’m sure every director and every artist or person who have saw me work and been around me know exactly how I prefer things. Black a** f*ck all the time. With all I’ve done this is what y’all have for me. Makes you think diff … And for no particular reason, as a unapologetic figure as I’ve kept it beyond and taken falls for past exes even publicly to save themselves from things they have done against me and to harm my word and upbringing. I protected a lot of people and ate it. I could’ve been said it. … That means I took all that for no reason. So basically I should’ve snitched right. I hurried the truth. I watch you all talk and still I took the higher space. I always do I always did. Now me I’m not black enough even though I walked out of labels left 5ms cause race sh*t.”

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Rick Ross Signed Clip Resurfaces

The Miami rapper was catching serious backlash. After an old clip of his appearance on the show several years ago as a guest judge alongside The-Dream and Lenny S. reemerged, social media blew up on him over some missed out talent. Social media has erupted over an old clip from the show, whose purpose was to discover R&B singers to eventually sign onto Roc Nation, MMG or Radio Killa Records. People are citing the performances from contestants Just Brittany and Kaiya, in which Kaiya said Ross shut down her performance because he was focused on Brittany’s butt.

“My song is original. I wrote it myself. Brittany used the same exact melody and the same ad-libs. You didn’t change anything. I think he was so blinded by the butt that he wasn’t paying attention like that.” – Kaiya

Twitter Goes Off On Rick Ross

Twitter users have been going off on Rick Ross. He’s drawn comparisons as to being the music version of convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, with many saying while on the show he was too focused on the look rather than the performance.

“Anybody trying to argue against #Colorism should just look at this and shut up. It’s so real. Ain’t NO way @theartistkaiya version didn’t eat the other one. Rick Ross disgusts me.”

“What the actual f*ck is this????? And for The Dream to co-sign Rick Ross’ sh*tty take on that second girl’s clear vocal talents over the first girl is maddening.”

“Rick Ross is the Harvey Weinstein of the music industry and he’s admitted to it. He’s only going to sign a woman to his label if she f**k and s**k him. Plain and simple.”

Rick Ross On B.I.G. Comparisons: ‘Take It As A Compliment’

A lot of hip-hop fans just have to look at the southern rapper, and they’ll think of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. The Grammy-nominated MC has certainly carved his own lane in the game, but he doesn’t mind being linked to the legendary Biggie Smalls. With five No. 1 albums on his resume, Rick Ross has built a Hall of Fame career in his own right. He considers Notorious B.I.G. to be the G.O.A.T., however, which is why he welcomes the comparisons.

“I can’t do nothin’ but take it as a compliment but I won’t play myself. Big was on somethin’ else. Big was just somethin’ special. That era, that energy, that 2Pac, that Big era, that JAY-Z — imagine what that cypher was like. And so, when I think of the records that they put together, the timeframe, the love that was put into that music, Big was most definitely, possibly my greatest ever.”