Styles P Speaks Out After Cop Assaults Young Girl

Styles P confronted a Cop who assaulted a young girl after arresting her.

Styles P

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Styles P confronted a police officer after he and another officer were seen slamming a young woman to the ground after she was in handcuffs.

“Yo you a bitch, you slammed a girl for no reason after she was on the floor” 

The Lox former member did an Instagram live afterward and explained his side of the situation and explained he’s tired of seeing poor people get mishandled by officers:

“I hate the mistreatment of poor black people. I hate the treatment of poor Spanish people. Even poor white people in the hood, I hate the fact that it’s easy to throw cops in the neighborhood that’ll get a benefit, a salary with a bunch of people that have no idea how it works.”

Furthermore, Styles P also says he doesn’t blame cops as much as he does the system.

“I actually don’t even blame them so much, I blame the whole system.”

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Police Officers Using Black Men As Target Practice

A group of boy scouts discovered that a police department outside of Detroit uses images of Black men as shooting practice targets, as reported by Vice News. 

The troop had spotted the targets, with some of them pierced with bullet holes, when the troop toured the headquarters of Farmington Hills Police Department in April.