Styles P Dishes On Mental Health In Interview With Apple Music

Styles P sat down for a deep conversation with host Ebro Darden to explain the importance of seeking therapy among Black men.

Styles P

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After the recent retirement announcement,  Styles P, alongside filmmaker Hezues R sat down with Ebro Darden and Apple Music, to discuss serious topics such as mental health.

During the interview, The Lox member addressed the issue of Black men refusing to seek help:

“Black men thinking they can’t go to a therapist, you’re just building shit up inside of yourself ad you’re kind of hurting yourself. So it’s not about how someone else judges how you are as a man, it’s about how you judge how you’re a man, and being an emotional man doesn’t make you a weaker man, that makes you a stronger man because you’re more in sense with your weakness.”

In addition, the Good Times artist also touched on his daughter’s suicide in 2015:

“I’ve lost a daughter to suicide, and thinking about mental health, I probably think about it differently than most people. She didn’t have no signs, didn’t see it, she never had no attempts, no anything.”

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