Stream These Beautiful Creations By The Exciting Artist Sophie Fay

It is interesting to think that one of the most down-to-Earth artists staying true to her core can create so surreal sounding music. The urban and R&B master, New York City-born talented artist Sophie Fay released her new EP titled Handle With Care that has a cosmic and powerful energy to it. The EP is the creative outburst of the artist’s inner world, her connections with the universe, the exposure of her depths that will draw you instantly into Sophie’s own world filled with mystic beauty and sounds that you will never forget. 

The EP consists of seven utterly unique and beautiful compositions and altogether provides a near half an hour trip to the artist’s world where you will find and lose yourself multiple times in a row. The genres that the seven songs fit into are floating between R&B and Dance. The artist clearly states with her music that she is not interested in being mainstream or following the hype; her vibe stays true to the underground. She brings her signature sound and energy to the R&B and Soul sounding “Timezone,” “Feelsincheck,” “Chasingstars,” “Euphoria,” “Partynextdoor,” “Cloudyonmars,” and “Goldenwaterfalls.” Give a listen to the beautiful creations by the talented and exciting artist Sophie Fay and discover a new musicality and flavor for yourself.