Soulja Boy Ordered To Pay Over $200K In 2019 Assault Case, 16 Counts Include False Imprisonment

Soulja Boy has been ordered by a jury to pay his ex-girlfriend over $200K in an assault case that occurred in February 2019. The ruling came after he was found guilty of the charges. The rapper has had a pattern of violent behavior with women in the past.

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Guilty As Charged

Rapper and mogul, Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Way, was ordered to pay an ex-girlfriend, Kayla Myers, in a February 2019 assault case. 

Soulja has been ordered by the jury to pay Myers a sum of $235,900, which includes $1,800 for her mental health expenses and $234,100 for her physical and mental pain and suffering.

What Led To This?

In February 2019, Myers attended a party at home of Deandre “Soulja Boy” Way. 

It was reported there was an altercation between the two which led to Way reacting violently towards Myers.

According to Rolling Stone, there was another party involved in the assault — Way’s assistant named Samdy. Reports stated that Soulja ordered Samdy to take Myers to his garage and “tie her up with duct tape.”

Myers also reported that she was forced to take a shower in front of the two men and they wrapped her in an extension cord. It was also mentioned in the police report that his assistant stated that “Way held the gun to  Ms. Myers’ head and told her she was going to die that night and she will not make it home.”

Soulja Boy’s Abusive Past

The “Crank That” rapper has exhibited a pattern of violent behavior in prior years. 

In January 2019, a rather violent incident occurred between the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper and a former personal assistant. The assistant, referred to as Jane Doe in court documents obtained by SOHH, stated that “she was sexually abused, beaten, threatened, and raped” by the artist on many occasions. In total, the complaint listed sixteen charges including Negligence, Sexual Battery, Assault, False Imprisonment and Gender Violence along with employment related charges of Hostile Work Environment and Failure to Pay Minimum Wage.

According to court documents, the violence the rapper inflicted on his former assistant included “numerous instances of physical violence (kicking, throwing, and punching), sexual assaults, spitting on her body, and threats of physical violence and death.”

She was left fearful to return to the workplace after her 18-month employment with the artist. 

There are also more allegations of abuse between him and his former girlfriend, Nia Riley, from 2020. It was alleged that the rapper held her at gunpoint. The reality TV star decided not to involve law enforcement despite SB appearing to threaten her and a love interest on social media.

A Timeline Of Megan Thee Stallion’s Assault Trial Against Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is another rapper who was recently found guilty of inflicting harm on a female.

On Dec. 23, Lanez was found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the July 2020 incident after a gathering in the Hollywood Hills. He is facing 22 years and has a sentencing hearing scheduled for Feb. 28.