Exclusive: K Camp Talks Boss Moves, New Partnerships and Success After “Renegade”

After multi-night, packed performances in Atlanta for his Pretty Ones tour, K Camp is ready to evolve as a boss and prays his next drop hits like the viral Tik Tok sensation, Lottery (“Renegade”).

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K Camp recently concluded his Pretty Ones tour at the Centerstage Arena in Atlanta on April 24. SOHH had the opportunity to sit down with the Atlanta rapper to discuss his latest moves, as well as life after the success of his viral hit “Renegade.”


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K Camp Talks “Boss Moves”

K Camp recently signed a single distribution deal with Soundon, TikTok’s all-in-one platform for music creators. He refers to the partnership, which will distribute his new single, “Pretty Ones,” globally on TikTok and all major streaming platforms, as a “full circle moment.”

“I’m just at a different stage in my career,” says K Camp. “I had to evolve into an artist, CEO, businessman, and entrepreneur. I’m officially the boss, I gotta make the calls, I gotta step up and do the right deals that’s best for me.”

K Camp says he recognizes the challenges of following up on the success of his surprise Tik Tok hit, “Lottery” (“Renegade”), which was accompanied by a viral dance challenge.

“I pray it do, but I can’t call it,” K Camp said.

Despite the song’s massive success, he still feels he is due credit and acknowledgement.

“I feel like that’s the game, I aint gon’ lie to you,” says K Camp. “I still feel like I don’t get the credit I deserve for this game and what I contributed to this game, and I’m pretty sure a thousand other artists feel the same way.” 

For now, K Camp is encouraged by the support of fans who showed up to his performances, saying that’s all the credit he needs. During the show at Atlanta’s Centerstage, the “Money Baby” artist took time out to pass out flowers to his grateful audience. He also performed his 2020 hit “What’s On Your Mind” with R&B star Jacquees who previously worked with K Camp on his 2020 album K.I.S.S. 5

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