Rubi Rose Says N-Word Is “OK” While Kendrick Lamar, Perez Hilton & Others Disapprove

Last month, Rubi Rose broke the internet with her comments on the N-word, giving the green light to her non-BPOC (black person and person of color) fans to use the word at their own discretion. In other situations, celebrities, such as Kendrick Lamar disapprove.

Rubi Rose

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The “Wifey” rapper sparked controversy when she went on a Twitch live stream with Adin Ross, a famous Twitch streamer.

During the live stream, the “Big Mouth” artist acknowledged her approval of non-BPOC fans using the N-word without the use of malicious intent.

Furthermore, there is a history of celebrity strife pertaining to the word. 

Some unintentionally and intentionally use the word or even blast fans for its use.

In 2011, HBO served viewers a special with comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Ricky Gervais. 

The comedians laughed when Louis C.K used the N-word to Chris Rock during a back and forth. 

Jerry Seinfeld, who saw no humor in the controversial moment, openly explained his disapproval of the word.

Actress Gina Rodriguez once said the N-word while singing the Fugees’ popular song, “Ready or Not,” while prepping with her glam squad, and was unfazed by the controversy. 

Perez Hilton even took to Twitter to express his disapproval regarding the incident. 

Kendrick Lamar brought one of his fans on stage during a concert to rap along to his single M.A.A.D City. 

While rapping along with the artist, the fan, who was caucasian, used the N-word multiple times. 

The crowd disapproved of the fan’s word use and booed her off the stage. 

The DAMN artist gave his fan a second chance to redeem herself before the crowd. 

The history of the N-word is painful for African-Americans and is often misunderstood. 

However, the word has been reclaimed by African Americans over the years, where it is used as a term of endearment within the black community.

Roddy Ricch Fans React To White Crowd Saying The N-Word

Recently, Roddy Ricch, one of many other hip-hop artists at the Wireless Music Festival, took over the stage. 

In a video shared on social media, Roddy is seen performing his hit track “The Box” where he can be heard telling the crowd to “sing that shit!”