Rod Wave’s Got Gas For Florida Fans

Rod Wave announced on Instagram that he will be giving away gas to fans struggling at the pump in his Florida hometown.

Rod Wave

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Keep That Gas On Me

Florida artist Rod Wave took to his Instagram story to express his displeasure with the nation’s rising gas prices. He didn’t just stop there though, he decided to do something about it. 

Rod announced that he will be donating twenty-five thousand dollars worth of gas to fans in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday, April 9th. 

On his IG story, he states “Gas high as f**k, St. Pete, 727, I’m giving away free gas April 9 at the Sunoco on 34th right before you get on the bridge. April 9, I’m giving away $25,000 in free gas. So April 9, 12 o’clock, pull up and get you some free gas, get you a free full tank.”

St. Petersburg police spokesman Ken Knight stated that officers will be working traffic duty for the expected crowds that day. An employee at the gas station and the station’s manager confirmed the event is happening at noon on this upcoming Saturday. 

“We will be there as long as the event is going on,” Knight said of the traffic detail. “It is probably going to be quite a crowd.”Rod Wave is known for showing his emotion in songs, his passion on stage, and the tremendous love that he has for his fans.