Rising Star in the Music Industry: Unveiling MXN

Get ready to be acquainted with a gem in the rap and hip-hop industry that’s lighting up the scene with their innovative blend of music. MXN, a South Bend, Indiana native, is carving out his own niche in the crowded terrain of music. Currently based in LA, MXN’s music journey has spanned seven years, with a distinctive style that places him firmly on the map.

The ethos of MXN’s music lies in encapsulating the complexities of life. Each piece is a reflection of his emotional state at the time, covering the spectrum of human emotions from sorrow to jubilation, making his music an intimate portrayal of his journey. He weaves the soundscape with elements from various genres, thereby not confining himself to the boundaries of typical rap or hip-hop. The outcome is an eclectic mix that incorporates the vibes of indie rock and the pulsating energy of EDM.

MXN’s signature sound emerges from his hands-on involvement in every aspect of his music. The engineering, producing, and performing – each facet is handled by MXN himself, lending an unparalleled uniqueness to his tracks. This multi-dimensional approach sets him apart in an industry saturated with artists seeking their voice.

This self-made artist, heavily inspired by Mac Miller, appreciates the current music scene’s ease of independent music creation and dissemination. He has worked with esteemed artists like Big Germ, Landspeed, Lord D’Andre, and 423KidK and even charted in Austria with his collaboration “Selfish”. Yet, MXN’s aspirations are rooted in his belief in self-reliance. He envisions a future where his music becomes his sustenance, providing for himself and his loved ones.

The song that MXN holds closest to his heart is “goodbye.” This particular track is a testament to his authenticity, encapsulating raw emotions and serving as an outlet for his artistry. MXN is also on the lookout for new collaborations, dreaming of an album alongside Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and Clairo. For him, these artists could provide the perfect blend of cool bars and chill vibes.

MXN’s recording process is a sanctuary for creativity, often finding him locked in his room, producing beats with a drink and incense burning. His dream collaboration involves working with Akon and Nelly, whose music formed a pivotal part of his growing up years.

Fans of MXN have something to look forward to as he has just released an EP with 423KidK titled “Unchained Melodies”. He is also gearing up for his solo project “Ascend”, scheduled for a late July/August release. This long-anticipated project, three years in the making, is touted to be his best work till date.

For all aspiring musicians, MXN’s advice is simple – start immediately, be true to yourself, and relentlessly pursue your dream.

A Closer Look at MXN’s Favorite – “goodbye.”

“goodbye.” is an expression of MXN’s solitary life during the lockdown in Texas. The song was born out of his longing for human connection in a city where he was utterly alone, with only the songs of the birds to keep him company.

Each bar in the song is a piece of MXN’s heart, the standout being – “Stuck in heavy traffic but you the only one in my lane” and “got a better place to stay can’t say I feel the same.” It’s this raw honesty and introspection that has landed “goodbye.” a special place in his oeuvre.