Rick Ross’ Neighbors Sign Petitions To Shut Down His Upcoming Land, Car & Bike Show

Rick Ross is facing opposition from his neighbors who’ve signed petitions to stop his upcoming car show. The Rick Ross Promise Land Car & Bike Show is expected to draw over 6,500 people. Furthermore, some neighbors claim the last car show compromised their quality of life and caused headaches.

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Neighborhood Petitions Against Rick Ross’ Car Show

Residents of Fayetteville, Georgia have signed petitions to stop Rick Ross’ upcoming car show. They claim that the event will bring too much traffic and chaos to the area. According to WSB-TV, the county’s Board of Commissioners has received multiple complaints from residents about the potential impact of the event. Some neighbors are even threatening to go on vacation during the show to avoid the excess of people. One neighbor shared that it took them 40 minutes to leave their subdivision during last year’s car show

Also, Lil Wayne is scheduled to perform at the event, which takes place on June 3rd at Ross’ Promised Land residence.

Rozay Is A Habitual Line Stepper 

This is not the first time Rick Ross has been a nuisance to his neighbors. In March, his pet buffalos went loose in the neighborhood before being returned. Furthermore, last year’s car show featured over 500 cars and bikes, which also caused disruption for the neighborhood. 

Rick Ross is not the only rapper who has upset his neighbors. Back in 2013, Drake, who lived in a residential area, has angered his neighbors. Drake’s Los Angeles neighbors called the cops on him for disturbing the peace.