Lotta Cash Desto Murder: Second Arrest Made in Memphis Rapper’s Fatal Shooting

Houston police have made a second arrest in the case of Memphis rapper, Lotta Cash Desto, who was fatally shot on September 24, 2022. Jeremyah Smith (19) and Christian Isaiah Williams (24) have been charged with murder for the shooting.

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Jeremyah Smith is the second suspect charged in the murder of rising rapper, Lotta Cash Desto.  In March, detectives identified Smith as the second suspect, and he was subsequently arrested in Alexandria, Louisiana, without incident. On Friday, April 21, he was booked into the Harris County Joint Processing Center.

Detectives found evidence at the scene of the crime that led to the arrest of Williams, who was shot in the stomach during the incident. He was found in the parking lot across the street from the shooting and taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Williams and Smith are being held on bond, with Smith’s bond set at $500,000 and Williams’ bond set at $150,000. 

The death of Lotta Cash Desto comes amid ongoing concerns about violence in the rap community. In November 2022, Hernandez Govan, Lotta Cash Desto’s father, was indicted for the murder of Young Dolph, a prominent rapper from Memphis.

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Lotta Cash Desto’s Murder and EMPIRE Records

Lotta Cash Desto was the 7th rapper signed to EMPIRE Records to have been killed in recent years. EMPIRE Records is a label that has seen a significant number of its artists killed in recent years, including PNB Rock. The death of Lotta Cash Desto marks another tragic loss for the hip-hop community and highlights the ongoing issue of violence in the industry.

Lil Uzi Vert Gives Heartfelt Speech At Lotta Cash Desto Funeral

Lil Uzi Vert, who had signed Lotta Cash Desto under his label connected to Empire Records, gave a heartfelt eulogy at her funeral in Houston, Texas. He explained how much of a real friend she was and shared how much the sad news shook him, reminiscing about their close-knit relationship.

“I ain’t going to even lie, but this doesn’t feel real to me. Destinee always was on my hip everywhere I go.”

The death of the “Lunchroom” artist came shortly after the hip-hop community lost PnB Rock, who was also once signed to Empire Records.

Lotta Cash Killed In Texas

Lotta Cash Desto, a signed artist of Lil Uzi Vert, died in a shooting in Houston, Texas, according to reports.

Empire Records has seen a number of its artists murdered in recent years, with Desto being the latest victim, according to reports.