Rick Ross Announces His Upcoming Podcast

Rick Ross announced to the world he’s coming with a podcast in response to Gillie Da Kid comments.

Rick Ross

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Rick announced on Instagram that he will be creating a podcast soon and fans for suggestions on what he should call it:

“So guys I woke up and had a beautiful idea a boss idea.”

Rozay continued: 

“I’m going to start a podcast. Yup Im going to start a podcast, dead-ass serious, and guess what? I want to to help me name my podcast and if I decide to use your name, guess what? I’m going to bless you with the Holy Trinty.”

In response, the Co-host of Millon Dollarz Worth A Game podcast Gillie Da Kid went to Instagram and said he would like the “Hustin” rapper to name the podcast Locked Up while bringing up his past of being a Correctional Officer.

The beef between the two started when Gillie made fun of Ross for buying a cow on the podcast.

“These old niggas, they don’t roar the crowd no more and they still think the world gonna come back,”

Gillie added: 

“You know I was going to bake you nigga. I see you in the comments. You know I was gonna bake your goofy ass.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Don’t ever comment on nothing about me nigga. When you used to be a C.O nigga, when you used lock niggas like Wallo in a cell.”

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2 Chainz Podcast

Last month, 2 Chainz and his son Halo announced they are bringing all the daddy-son vibes with the kickoff of their new podcast, just in time for Father’s Day. 

The rapper hopes the podcast can inspire more dad and son conversations and explore important topics.

The podcast features the father and son dynamic duo in the spotlight while discussing issues like handling school crushes and money.  2 Chainz hopes the show will also attract children to watch.