R&B Is Not Dead: 10 Artists That Are Keeping It Alive

During an Instagram live, business and music mogul Diddy stated that R&B is dead. However, SOHH disagrees since several talented artists are keeping the music genre alive.

R&B Artists

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In a recent Instagram live, Bad Boy Records owner, Diddy, made a statement saying that R&B is dead. Usher, also crowned the king of R&B, went on a podcast to say his piece on the matter.

In the interview, the “Yeah” singer stated that there would not be hip-hop without R&B.

In addition, the Confessions artist added that R&B is timeless, and the “Hello Good Morning” rapper was the sole beneficiary of the R&B sound. 

With the flux of up-and-coming talent and silent R&B masterminds, it’s hard to believe R&B is dead.

SOHH, here is a well-curated list of several new artists who are keeping R&B alive and timeless:

Muni Long

Formerly Priscilla Renea, is a singer/songwriter from Vero Beach, Florida. 

She recently changed her stage name to Muni Long, started her label, Supergiant records, and released her debut EP Black Like. 

In 2020, she began to receive traction and released another EP titled Nobody Knows, which featured her single “Sneaky Link,” which went viral on Tik Tok due to her annunciation of the word “link” with this, she released her single “Hrs and Hrs” which catapulted her career into the mainstream media. 

Summer Walker

Summer Walker dreamed of being an artist. So much so that she worked as a cleaner and a stripper while teaching herself how to play the guitar on YouTube. 

She debuted with her song “Girls Need Love” in 2018. A modern tale about how women want love and sex, but they will not settle for just anyone that can supply one or the other. 

She did go on to release her debut album, Over It, which detailed her life and views on love and relationships and gave her fans a more vulnerable side to the artist. 

Joyce Wrice

Joyce Wrice is a singer/songwriter currently not signed but has made significant moves within the industry. 

Furthermore, she dropped her debut album Overgrown in 2021 and signed a distribution deal with Sony Music while maintaining her masters. 

The “Chandler” singer uses contemporary R&B sound, her soft vocals, and old-school lyrics to create a symphony for listeners today. 

Her debut album Overgrown talks about love, life, relationships, and empowerment. Letting her listeners know that it is okay to love someone but forget who you are.


Kehlani uses R&B to help tell their queer story. Not many artists are open about their sexuality and speak about love stories from the queer perspective, which gives them an edge. 

They get their inspiration from artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill, who she said made her who she is as an artist. 


Tink came into the scene sampling one of the most iconic songs in the realm of R&B. 

After she had everyone’s attention and with Timbaland’s help, she was going to be a massive star. 

After their falling out, she decided to become an independent artist, probably one of her best decisions. Now she has worked with some of the most influential people in the industry. 

While writing relatable songs that show vulnerability, she has developed one of the most loyal fans that keep coming back each time she drops some heat.


Nija began her career as a songwriter. She has worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion

Her debut project, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You, showcases her artistry outside of working with other people. This project included singles like “Ease My Mind” and “Finesse.” 

Which show her view on spending quality time with someone she loves and also how you “Finesse” a breakup.

Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet is not only known for being the best friend and songwriter to pop sensation Ariana Grande but also an artist herself. 

She uses her sultry voice and transparent lyrics to captivate her fans and draw them in for an experience like no other. 

Sevyn Streeter

Sevyn Streeter has made a name for herself as a songwriter to work with. 

After becoming an independent artist, she has transitioned into one of the most creative women in R&B. 

Her lyrics usually have multiple meanings and hidden messages that many people do not catch on the first listen. 

Her latest album, “Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz,” is a project that depicts where she is now in her love life, her personal life, and also her views on life in general. 

Tone Stith

Tone Stith is one of the newcomers in the music industry. 

He started off his career by working with Chris Brown on Royalty

The “FWM” artist is known to be a force in the industry. His style of music is similar to artists like Musiq Soulchild and Tank, who talk about love and heartbreak. The “Can We Talk” singer adds his style with a savage flair in some of his songs, such as “FWM” and “I Don’t Wanna.”

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