Rapper Doe Boy Begs For JLo To Clear “I’m Real”

Doe Boy went on Instagram begging Jennifer Lopez to clear the sample to one of her infamous classics.

Doe Boy

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Doe Boy went to Instagram and played a snippet of an unreleased single that samples JLo and Ja Rule duet classic “I’m Real.”

Doe boy was seemingly begging JLo to clear the sample:

“J.Lo, can you please clear my song? I need you to clear my song. Please, I’ll give you whatever. The streets want to hear that. This is how much I love you, I’ve been loving since I was a kid.”

The “Opp Party” rapper continued:

“Like come on, please, I’ll give you whatever you want. I just want the song cleared. The streets want it so bad please, let me set the summer off!”

Fellow rappers within the music industry also want the song cleared:

Bobby Shmurda commented:

“Clear that bitch.”

Roddy Ricch also commented

@jlo “clear my dawg”.


H.E.R. Sued For “Focus” Sample

It’s best for Doe Boy to ask for permission to clear the sample considering how artists are getting sued for not doing so.

H.E.R. went back to court in May after almost a year since settling a previous copyright lawsuit for the hit single “Focus.” 

The California artist is facing yet another lawsuit, this time for her song “Could’ve Been,” featuring artist Bryson Tiller from her debut album.

Grammy-winning group Take 6 was claiming the songwriter-producer sampled their music without permission or compensation. 

The song in question – “Could’ve Been” – is on H.E.R’s debut self-titled album.