Cardi B Confirms New Single & Upcoming Sophomore Album

Cardi B has announced that she will be releasing a new single and her highly-anticipated sophomore album soon. During an Instagram Live, Cardi teased her new single to her cousin, which excited her fans. 

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Cardi B’s Instagram Live Tease

During Cardi B’s Instagram live on May 7th, she gave fans a sneak peek of her upcoming single, leaving them wanting more. Fans on the live asked about her forthcoming album, to which she responded that it’s coming soon. 

Her fans have been eagerly waiting for her sophomore album since the release of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, which was a massive hit.

Nicki Minaj Fans’ Past Attempt To Leak Alleged Cardi B Reference Tracks

Nicki Minaj fans recently attempted to leak alleged Cardi B reference tracks from her upcoming sophomore album, where she responded with a 7-second tease on Twitter. Despite the Twitter wars between Cardi B and the Barbz, other female rappers, such as Sukihana, have praised the Bronx native for being supportive and uplifting toward them. 

It is possible that Sukihana could be one of the featured artists on Bardi’s upcoming album.

Cardi B’s Upcoming Album Promotions?

In December 2022, Cardi B was invited to guest-host on The Breakfast Club to help promote her upcoming album. However, there was yet to be a confirmation if she would join the popular radio show.

Fan Reactions

Some fans reacted positively to the news of Cardi B’s new single and upcoming album. One fan tweeted, “The most anticipated female rap album this decade,” while another questioned the timing, saying, “Literally right after Nicki announces, she’s so weirdly obsessed.”

Nicki Minaj has also announced her upcoming album and tour. It will be interesting to see how the two leading female rappers’ releases will compare.