Polo G Names His 2 Favorite Rappers – Ever: “My GOATs”

Rising Chicago rap star Polo G is naming his GOATs. During a recent interview, he revealed who which rappers he’d give the titles of greatest ever.

Polo G Names His GOATs

Polo revealed in an interview with the GRAMMYs that Lil Wayne and Tupac were his GOATs. He showed the two hip-hop legends major love and also said he listened to a lot of Chicago rappers growing up as well. Two other stars he name-dropped were Gucci Mane and Meek Mill.

“To me, arguably Tupac. That’s considering that he was before his time and he is the inspiration to a lot of great minds today. And then I could say another person like Lil Wayne just because of the long run that he had and being the best of the best for a long time and just the influence that he had on a lot of great minds today. So those my two GOATs.”

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Polo G celebrating his success.

Polo G Flexes His Intuition About People

Polo knows his gut feelings are best. He went online to share that he thinks his intuition seems to be pretty good. Polo took to Twitter with a message that whenever he finds something is off with somebody, he usually ends up being correct.

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Director Cole Bennett Predicts Breakout Year For Polo G

Video director Cole Bennett is ready for the world to really get blown away by Polo G. The hip-hop entertainer recently went to his Twitter page to hype up what’s to come over the next 12 months. CB promises multiple chart-topping hits from Polo to come.

Done Taking Fan Feedback Too Serious

Polo is rethinking his music-making method. Recently, he went online to let the importance of not listening to all the feedback from people about your music be known. Polo took to Twitter with his thoughts about fans who are never satisfied with what they’re listening to.